How much does a sensory room cost?

  • 5 May 2022

Sensory rooms are friendly, accessible environments on both a physical and cognitive level. They use adjustable, controlled sensory stimulation as a means to achieving multiple learning and therapeutic objectives, and to encourage play, communication, relaxation and well-being. Sensory rooms allow us to use a multitude of different approaches to achieve a wide range of objectives and address each user’s individual needs. This is why the cost of these sensory environments varies depending on their specific features.

From small spaces to fully immersive environments

A sensory room can be a corner in a bedroom at home that has a few basic elements that allow us to begin therapy (such as a vibroacoustic pouf, a bubble tube or fiber optic strands), or a fully customizable interactive space with an integrated control system. SHX multisensory rooms allow both users and professionals to use a single item to take control of the room, the sensory elements in it, and the effects they produce. Control systems include pressing buttons and switches, throwing a die in the air, stepping on a mat, using a remote control or even voice commands and eye gaze.

SHX rooms can respond to your voice by doing what you ask them to do! Read more.

Therefore, the cost of a sensory room will vary according to the specific features and elements included in it; prices can range from 3,000 euros to 30,000 euros for a highly sophisticated room.

What do I need to take into account when designing a sensory room?

In order to create a safe and effective sensory space, it is vital that we assess every user’s specific needs and ensure they are fully addressed in our design. We need to ask ourselves what our users need and what benefits and objectives we want to achieve. When we have defined our goals, we can begin to create the ideal design for our custom-made project, even if the room itself is going to be assembled in stages.
As professionals in this field, we need to bear in mind that the size of our room is not as important as having access to a space that allows us to engage our users’ different sensory pathways and offer them meaningful and attractive stimuli. We can continue to add different features to our room gradually in order to create more opportunities for therapeutical uses, enjoyment and boosting our users’ well-being.

SHX multisensory rooms

BJ Live! has installed over 400 sensory rooms both in Spain and all over the world. Every room has been custom-made and designed to meet specific requirements: the type of user, intervention strategies, therapy objectives and future goals or applications. From small spaces for stimulus control that grow gradually over time to fully immersive environments, the options for personalizing these spaces are infinite thanks to SHX technology.

Sensory room with a curved screen

Sensory room with a curved screen

The SHX technology created by BJ Live! makes it possible to create highly customizable interactive sensory rooms. It allows us to personalize the content we project in the room, the way in which different sensory elements are activated and to create a limitless amount of unique content to encourage reminiscing and memory work, increase vocabulary or explore subjects of interest, etc.

Whether it is large or small, SHX technology allows us to control the entire room using a single controller by integrating all the sensory elements so that they can been activated simultaneously with a single switch. This transforms a space with sensory equipment into a fully immersive sensory room. Examples of controllers include a die to throw, a single button to press or, in fact, any real object we wish to use to control the room, thanks to the SHX Proximity. These allow us to choose and create a different world in which users find themselves instantly immersed.

Sensory rooms allow professionals to use different approaches in therapy and offer users numerous benefits, including stimulating cognitive development and self-awareness, providing visual and sensory stimulation, learning about specific subjects and themes, relaxation, games, improving social skills or promoting their well-being, for example. Whether you are in a bedroom at home, in a small corner or a large room, you are able to immerse yourself in and take control of an exciting new world that speaks and dances around you.

We will design your room free of charge

Many care centers require a project with a custom design and full quote in order to seek funding or financing for their sensory room. At BJ Live!, we want to support and help you through this process by designing a room that adapts to your specific needscompletely free of charge – so that you can visualize what the finished room would be like and the benefits it would provide to your users.

📧 Contact us and our expert therapists will provide you with a free consultation:

Would you like to see a sensory room?

If you would like to visit our sensory showroom, come to the BJ Live! headquarters in Barcelona, where you can discover and explore our Sensory Lab, which is free of charge and open to the public. Make your appointment here and we’ll see you soon!

Would you like us to plan your ideal sensory room?

You imagine and we create! Ask us for a free design project for a sensory room that adapts to your needs, available space and therapeutic goals. Send us your contact data and one of our specialists will contact you to design a complimentary design project for you.

Written by:

Bibiana Escribano

Occupational Therapist. Specialist in pshycomotricity, music therapy and sensory integration.

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