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  • 25 July 2022

We want to share with you a strategic decision we took, that, as a company we are very excited about. After a long marketing process, we have decided to fondly say goodbye to our brand BJLive! and adopt a new name: Qinera.

This doesn´t mean that our identity has changed.We are still the same, but with a new name. With this new brand we reaffirm our values ​​and mission, and we keep on evolving and growing in to create a more inclusive and better world for all.

Why change our brand name?

Over the years, thanks to thousands of committed users, families and professionals, we have evolved from being a company that adapts products for people with disabilities, to doing so much more.

We have become an innovation company that creates, conceptualizes, designs, manufactures, programs, invents, consults, advises, and accompanies people. We put our hearts into every product we make, every software we program, every package we send, every user we talk to, every technical query we resolve, every advice we give, every post or text we write, every project we lead or idea that we have. We are a team of people who work for people.

For that reason, we have decided to adopt a new brand name,  which is aligned with a solid mission that is today much more inclusive, global, and closer to our end users.

How was BJ born?

Joaquín Romero en una silla móvil con riel que lo conduce al baño (Febrero 2007).

©Consuelo Bautista

If we are going to talk about BJ, it is only fair that we talk about Joaquín Romero, a pioneer of assistive technology with a dream. Joaquín was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when he was barely 20 years old, the middle of the 1990s, when the possibilities or solutions for a person with disabilities were rare and difficult to access. For this reason, after several years of struggle, Joaquín decided that he would not only fight his illness and live a life of quality and autonomy, but that he would also change the lives of people who were in the same situation. This commitment became his life’s mission: to see to it that thousands of other people around the world also live autonomous, full and happy lives. This defines the soul of what is today a world-wide project.

Joaquín decided that he would not only fight his illness and live a life of quality and autonomy, but that he would also change the lives of people who were in the same situation

In that way BJLive! was born: by firstly, adapting Joaquín’s home so he could live more comfortably; we carried on that mission by adapting the home of many people; and by also offering supportive technology to centres and families. So, step by step, we started to create products, collaborate with other companies to be able to offer more, innovate and find solutions, design services… we have evolved and have become what we are today.

Over the years, and thanks to the efforts of our team, our project went from being a ‘chimera’, or an unreachable dream, into becoming something tangible and real. Day by day, our dream becomes more complete. Today, some 200,000 users in more than 35 countries are more autonomous and have more opportunities thanks to our assistive technology.

What does Qinera mean?

Although Joaquín passed away in 2018, we are honouring him and his dream of significantly contributing  to the lives of thousands of people, hence, we have borrowed part of his name, ‘Quin’, and added the word ‘Era. Thereby transforming a chimera, which refers to utopia or an unreachable dream, into a Qinera, an already tangible dream that grows day by day. Thus, it is a beginning to a new social era, thanks to Joaquín’s effort and tenacity.

Nuevo isotipo de BJ Adaptaciones ahora Qinera

And why have we not kept the ‘u’? We are all diverse and so is our name. Accompanying our new brand name, Qinera is a smile, expressing without words our ambition to generate smiles amongst our users, their families and their surroundings.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to accompany and give support to as many people as possible, so that everyone has the same opportunities, can live an autonomous life of quality, is able to communicate, grow, and reach their dreams.

As a company and as a team, we want to be part of the change. We want to be the ´engine´s gear that turns the wheel towards a truly inclusive society in which there is no need to talk about inclusion.

What are our values?

Our new brand talks of inclusion, diversity, empathy, equality, care, accompaniment, creativity,  an optimistic visions, innovation, communication, quality….but above all,  people. We haven´t changed, we have evolved. Our essence, our mission and our heart remains with our end users. We work for and with people.

With this new brand that is more global and represents us better, we reaffirm our mission of contributing to a more inclusive future.

More info

If you want to know more about the change of our brand name or about our services and solutions on assistive technology, we are here for you. Call us on 0034932 850 437 or write us at

If you want to find out more on our sensory room, or expand the one you already have, click on the banner and we will design for you a sensory room project completely free of charge.

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The team at Qinera

Qinera produces assistive technology for people with disabilities with the aim of improving their autonomy and life quality. Its human team includes: occupational therapists, special education teachers, speech therapists, engineers, IT developers and experts in assistive technology.

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