Control your SHX room with your voice!

  • 24 February 2021

We talk to our friends, our family, others in our environment, our pets, some of us even talk to plants! So why not talk to a multi-sensory room?

SHX rooms respond to your voice by doing what you ask them to do. We invite you to discover how to use voice as a method to communicate and control the room, your users will love it!

At your command…

SHX multi-sensory rooms allow you to give commands with your voice. You can control and project all the therapeutic content already included in the SHX rooms as well as your own personalized content. This includes projecting images, videos, stories, as well as play the audiovisual content you want. You can, for example, say ‘Forest’ and you will suddenly find yourself in the middle of a forest feeling how the wind caresses your face as the lights and elements in the whole room turn all green. Or say ‘sleep’ and the room will stop listening to you to only start obeying you again when you say ‘wake up’. It’s as simple as that!

You can use the most basic controls ‘volume up’, ‘volume down’, ‘stop’, etc. or more complex controls like ‘pirate frog story’ or ‘parachute’. Try telling the room ‘train’, ‘giraffe’, ‘fireworks’ and the room will show the corresponding content. You can also switch content tabs and use the room element you want, saying, for example: ‘blue tube’ or ‘blue fibers’ to activate only the bubble tube, fiber optics, or the element you want.

Ideal for…

This resource is ideal for individuals who can articulate although they may have motor difficulties or other physical disabilities. Here, the user chooses the desired stimuli,their preferences, and feels autonomous and participates in their interaction with the room. The user feels, participates, controls, and has fun at the same time.

It can also be very useful for users in early childhood, since the youngest can practice their first words, start to build sentences, associate concepts (cold/snow), etc. Not only is it an accessible method, but it is also hygienic as it does not involve having to touch controls or objects.

And as if this were not enough, it is a great helper in therapeutic intervention sessions, being ‘hands free’ for therapists and professionals. This resource allows the therapist to control the room with their voice and to be able to regulate the environment quickly. This allows the professional to make decisions about the space, in order to focus on the session and the well-being of the user, immediately.

All you need is a micro…

To control a SHX multi-sensory room with your voice you just need to have a microphone connected to your SHX computer: we recommend the SHX voice kit. (Voice control works in the languages for which Windows has voice recognition). Then, decide which voice commands you want for each cell, activate the voice control in the ‘Options’ section and … voila!


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