A calming room

How to create a calming room?


A safe and therapeutic space designed for calming The ‘calming room’ is a specific space that helps regulate the level of activation or aggression and...

Sensory Rooms and COVID-19


Sensory rooms provide us valuable educational and therapeutic opportunities by adjusting and controlling the appropriate sensory stimuli, and more especially during this time we are...

A living and immersive tale


The Pirate Frog is an interactive story for children supported by pictograms about a unique frog that travels through space in search of the brightest...

Swing and be happy


Let’s talk about sensory integration… We know that thanks to our senses, we receive information from the world and from ourselves, which provides crucial information...

ANDA opens a new multisensory room


ANDA (Almería Association for Children with Disabilities) is a private, non-profit association formed by the parents of children with different levels of intellectual and/or physical...

Feel the vibrant SHX Experience

Dive into the immersive world of SHX and let your imagination fly