Control your SHX multi-sensory room from Grid 3

  • 18 March 2021

When you enter an SHX multi-sensory room you are opening the door to a totally immersive world, and you are saying “yes” to being the leader, as well as the spectator, of everything that happens around you. SHX rooms are accessible and adjustable so that everyone can interact, participate and develop.

You can command an SHX room with your voice, with your eyes, with a button, with a die, or control it from your Grid 3 or Communicator 5 software in order to enhance and boost communication while interacting with the environment.

Why use Grid 3 to control an SHX room?

Many people with speech difficulties or no speech at all find in Grid 3 a great ally for effective and immediate communication. For many, this augmentative communication software is the bridge that connects them with the people they love and with their environment in general. Thus, being able to control a sensory room from Grid 3 opens up the possibility of taking control and interacting in a multi-sensory environment; including: people with severe motor impairments, people with multiple needs or complex needs, and people who can only access the PC via Grid 3 or Communicator 5.

In an SHX room everyone can feel autonomous and become the leader in making decisions about content, regardless of their method of accessing the computer (head, chin, gaze, etc.). This encourages communication and self-determination and increases the success of the session.

It’s all advantages!

  • The user interacts from a software that he already knows and uses to communicate with his environment.
  • This way of controlling the room allows therapists to prepare the session according to their therapeutic objectives and to display on the user’s screen only the cells he/she will need. This makes the session easier and more efficient.
  • Grid 3 is optimal for people who access the computer or communicator in a very specific or less common way, such as people who access with their chin, head, mouth, gaze, etc. It allows people who otherwise would not be able to interact or take control of a sensory room to take the lead and feel like the protagonist of the session.

  • Grid 3 enables interaction in severely affected users who need customization of options (sweep options, etc.).
  • It allows you to have as many cells as you want on your computer and configure each cell to activate the elements and scenes you want.
  • This way of controlling the room boosts the opportunities of a therapeutic intervention, as the professional can take advantage of the activities in the room to foster communication, stimulate language, and create endless possibilities to practice and enhance communication skills.
  • You can control the SHX room and access all its contents from the Grid 3 or Communicator 5 software as if you were doing it from the same tablet that comes included with the SHX system.

How do I configure it?

To control an SHX multi-sensory room from SmartBox’s Grid 3 or Tobii’s Communicator 5 software, you just need to install the SHX Remote App on the device where you have Grid 3 or Communicator 5 and connect it to the same wifi as the SHX room. With this, you will be able to create custom cells and control the entire SHX room!

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The team at Qinera

Qinera produces assistive technology for people with disabilities with the aim of improving their autonomy and life quality. Its human team includes: occupational therapists, special education teachers, speech therapists, engineers, IT developers and experts in assistive technology.

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