The latest technology in sensory rooms: SHX

  • 21 May 2019

BJLive! has developed a new technology for sensory rooms which covers every type of intervention that can be worked inside a room, including every therapeutic and educational approach. This system goes a step further in this field by turning sensory rooms into multisensory environments: totally interactive, customizable and more immersive than ever.

The SHX System opens up a new world of possibilities in the field of sensory rooms, since it allows the user to interact with a sensory room in a unique way by controlling the whole room and all its elements as wished. 

Which are the advantages of the SHX System?

  1. Much more interaction: It allows performing the same activities as in the traditional rooms, but adding many benefits, derived mainly from the possibility of full user’s interaction.
  2. Edition mode: The SHX System has an edition mode which allows users to customize the contents with any desired videos, images, sounds, etc. and synchronize them in many ways (individually or as a set of actions happening at the same time).
  3. Much more integration: It integrates traditional elements of the multisensory rooms (bubble tubes, fiber optics, music…) with the general lighting of the room, the sound, the projection of videos and images, the vibration of the furniture (seats, beds..) and other special effects such as wind blowing, stars, soap bubbles, projection, etc.
  4. Coordinated stimuli: All the stimuli operate in a coordinated way and allows re-creating environments. The basic collection of contents includes more than 150 activities/environments of this kind. The user can receive the same information by several sensory means, which facilitates the perception, integration, understanding, etc.
  5. Full Control for everyone: All the elements (individually or jointly) can be controlled through many different ways: tablet, iPad, switches, die, adapted controllers, mat, … even real objects!
  6. Personal contents: Add the user’s own videos, images, sounds, music…Create a different configuration personalized for each user!
  7. More sound and lighting effects: Play with unlimited number of colours or change the colour based upon the image projected, convert voice into lighting, feel vibration with music /sound automatically…all this within the same activity.
  8. Immersive environments: Work with themes like colors, seasons of the year, animals, means of transport, everyday objects, places of the world, sounds, types of music…
  9. Activities-focused: It allows creating stories and multisensory sequences that facilitate the sequencing and the structuring of time. A system with endless possibilities and constantly evolving, where the new contents can be easily included as part of the activities without changing anything in the system.
  10. Access with other AT devices: The fact that it’s based on a Windows computer system allows the integration with other access methods (eye gaze interaction, access with special controls, activity log…).

Can I upgrade my sensory room into SHX?

If you already have a sensory room, you can switch to the SHX System. You can upgrade elements such as: vibroacoustic elements (poufs or bean bag chairs, beds, ball pools or pit balls), the sound system, fibre optics (shower, curtains, mats), bubble tubes, and other elements connected to the mains, such as projectors, mirror balls, etc.

Go SHX and take the most out of your Sensory Room!

More information

Would you like to turn your current sensory room into an SHX Sensory Environment?
If you are interested in upgrading your Sensory Room into an SHX room, contact us <> and we will tell you how to proceed. We will study the viability of each case and return a quotation together with our suggestions.

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The team at Qinera

Qinera produces assistive technology for people with disabilities with the aim of improving their autonomy and life quality. Its human team includes: occupational therapists, special education teachers, speech therapists, engineers, IT developers and experts in assistive technology.

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