Real Objects come alive in the room with SHX Proximity

  • 15 May 2019

SHX Proximity is a new way of interaction in a sensory room which means a turning point in multisensory environments. This system opens a whole new world of possibilities never seen before since it allows the users to interact with the room by using real objects that will transform the whole room into a thematic environment related to that specific object.

Thanks to its functioning and features, any kind of object is appropriate for the room to change, from objects that already exist to new objects previously created by the users. Its operation is very easy: You just need to bring an object close to the SHX Proximity platform and the whole room will come alive with the corresponding effects. You can use objects whose contents have already been configured or configure your own contents and associate them to any desired object. You can create any combination of lighting, images, sounds, vibration, music, effects on the bubble tube, fiber optics, as well as other enveloping effects that will fill the sensory room up so that you can enjoy an experience as immersive as you can imagine.

SHX Proximity achieves a landmark step concerning therapeutic possibilities in sensory rooms.

Move into the jungle, the space, a soccer stadium, or anywhere with just leaving the object on the magic platform. The possibilities are infinite, since this system can be completely customised, you just have to imagine it and let yourself go.

Limitless therapeutic and educative opportunities…

SHX Proximity opens up a whole range of therapeutic and educative opportunities letting the user to interact with the room through real objects, such as: toys, clothes, jars with food, trays with different materials, pictures, cards, etc. and associate them any multi-sensory content. It is a great tool for working the attention, interaction, association, memory, cause-effect relation, and language. In this article of our blog you will find some examples of possible activities. And this is just the beginning!

Its operation is easy: the product includes several cards and stickers that can be configured to trigger any SHX content. The program also includes a simple edition area to configure and customise each card or sticker. Once it has been configured approach the card or sticker to the platform (SHX Proximity Device) and the room will show the content and all the multisensory effects.

SHX Proximity is a part of the SHX System.

In order to explore these possibilities we have written
an article with possible therapeutic activities in a sensory room with SHX Proximity. And this has just started!

This product is suitable for…
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
  • Cerebral Damage: stroke, traumatic brain injury, …
  • Cognitive Disability
  • The elderly
  • Visual Impairment
Create your own thematic environments and let yourself be flooded with light and inspiration!
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