Qinera takes a step forward in business and in our social commitment

  • 15 May 2023

At a time of growth and development, Qinera’s management and team has made a strategic decision that allows our business to evolve in a direction that is aligned with our values. Starting this month of May, the company will transform its legal structure, becoming a cooperative instead of a limited liability company. This means that our current employees who have chosen to do so (by far the majority) will become owners of the company.

This initiative is a progression towards Qinera’s initial vision (previously that of BJ Adaptaciones / BJLive!), in which its founders, Joaquín and Borja, conceptualized the company as part of a project which creates a more inclusive world and does it through an equitable and yet solid structure, coherent with its mission and corporate responsibility.

From its origins, Qinera has not distributed its annual profits amongst its shareholders. Instead, we have reinvested earnings in innovation, development, HR, and other resources necessary to offer better solutions to more people with disabilities. Today, this allows us to have a strong financial foundation in order to face any future challenges.

Qinera employees agree that this new legal format is more aligned with the company’s values, that is, an initiative sustained by people committed to the mission of creating a more equal and inclusive society, which in turn seeks to propose alternatives to an economic model that generates inequalities and neglects our planet.

Becoming a cooperative does not modify the day-to-day functioning of our business but rather, consolidates the commitment of the Qinera team. The current director, Borja Romero, will continue in his existing role, as will the rest of the team. Qinera, both in its business and social dimension, is renewed and strengthened thanks to this strategic decision that projects the company towards an exciting future that is more inclusive and fair.

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Written by:

Raquel Bordera

Marketing Manager

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