New contents for SHX sensory rooms: early stages and severely affected people

  • 16 December 2020

The early stage is a stage to discover, explore, interact, get excited, and, from our body and its sensations, open ourselves to the world.

In this article we want to introduce you to a new collection of scenes and content for SHX multisensory rooms, specially designed by experts to help professionals focus on the early stages of neurodevelopment. This collection, called ‘Connect the Dots’, offers scenes, to be reproduced in a SHX room, that stimulate the acquisition of skills in the earliest stages of development, starting with organizing the sensory systems.


‘Connect the Dots’ Collection

These are some of the examples of the multiple contents and scenes included in this collection: To start introducing shapes and colors, different geometric shapes appear on the screen accompanied by different signals:  the seat vibrates, the circle moves across the screen or goes around the entire scene. The therapist observes the user’s reactions and their ability to follow the movement of the shapes with their eyes, then the therapist asks and encourages the user.

Another example of this collection of scenes would be an intervention to understand the permanence of an object, gnosis and attention. We see how different projected forms appear, accompanied by lighting and music and vibration, which are then hidden under a glass. The user must press its switch, for the object to appear again. The therapist encourages the user to  hit the switch and asks questions such as ‘Where is the triangle?‘.

Video of the ‘Connect the Dots’ collection projected in an SHX sensory room

Towards the end of the collection the contents evolve and become more complex. A fruit platter and a farm appear on the screen. Then we see fruits or animals that appear for only a few seconds and the SHX system asks ‘where will it go?’. The animal or fruit moves positions, returning to the fruit bowl or farm where it belongs. The therapist must observe if the user points to where the object belongs, either with his/her hand or  gaze.  After several repetitions the therapist is also looking for anticipation on the part of the user. In this way we learn to categorize elements, we work on gnosis and attention.

In the most essential exercises, goals such as tactile-proprioceptive reaction, or detection-reaction, visual tracking,focus, attention, etc. are pursued, to later move towards interaction, understanding, anticipation and memory.

Book of activities for the therapeutic intervention

Along with these contents, our experts have also created an activity book according to the different scenes projected in the room, so that professionals have ideas and a guide to get the most out of these contents and can carry out a personalized intervention for each specific case. This guide consists of 21 activity ideas , each focused on one or more objectives, and designed to accompany the person in their development so that they progressively evolve from activity 1, more basic, to activity 21, more complex. If you want a copy, contact us!

Who are these activities for?

These contents, specific for SHX multisensory rooms, are ideal for children or babies from 0 to 3 years old, as they offer early stimulation that promotes their cognitive, motor and social capacities. This stimulation also helps prevent potential developmental disturbances and detect possible learning difficulties or other disorders. They are also a fundamental tool to accompany children and adults with neurodevelopmental disorders, people with learning difficulties, severely affected people, and others with functional diversity, who, due to their characteristics, continue to develop or develop these skills early stage.

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