A sensory room at home – by Joaquín Romero

  • 27 May 2019

Nowadays, it is already possible to have a sensory room at home and enjoy the multisensory resources at your own room. This is a reality, to a great extent, thanks to the engineer who made it possible, Joaquín Romero, user and founder of BJLive!, and his great work in promoting the autonomy of people with disabilities. Today, we would like to share with you a great reflection that he left us:

“I am neither a reckless man nor a rule-breaker. However, I confess to running every red light that my multiple sclerosis tries to slow me down with every day.

Until recently, I felt as though I was running the last few meters of a marathon, with the finish line in sight, before realizing that I was limping. The progression of my disease is becoming increasingly obvious, and I can now barely even use my right hand during the day (it was the only one I could move). I am tetraplegic for most of the day, and I also have breathing issues.
The situation is not very encouraging; my life today is jammed with red lights. However, I know that I must never give up and that I have a duty to the team at BJLive! and our clients. So, in order to overcome these obstacles, I have decided to embrace something that is going to be of vital importance to me from now on: MyRoom!I am going to have my own sensory room at home; and for that purpose, I have designed MyRoom!

I have been using the convertible pouf at the BJLive! offices for a few months now, and it has reduced the number of spasms I experience, but I can make myself even more comfortable with the aid of a positioning cushion. At home, I had to add more stuffing to my pouf to make sure my head was straight. For home I chose a vibroacoustic transformable bean bag chair, designed to feel the vibration of the music or the video sounds running through your body. I have come to realize that when I use it, I am at the same height as the rest of the chairs in my living room, which means that not only can I spend a while out of my electric wheelchair, but I can also participate fully in the proceedings when friends come to visit. To finish off my multisensory space at home, I have placed the projector of the sensory room on the shelf in order to project images onto the plain white wall opposite. Also, I can control it and select everything with a single controller thanks to a Control Pro (by BJLive!). This way, I can easily relax and feel the wellness.

The MyRoom! projector at Joaquín’s house projects directly onto the wall without the need of any further adaptation.

After the latest deterioration in my health, I need to use MyRoom! every afternoon. I now feel more confident to face the progression of my disease, and would love to see other people benefit from a system like this. Currently, thanks to Joaquin’s work, people with disabilities can enjoy a full multisensory environment at their own home or room, completely adjusted to the characteristics and age of each person and to the characteristics of each room, are also very easy to install and control.

In loving memory of Joaquín Romero, who founded the companies BJ Adaptaciones and BJLive!, as well as the foundation ‘Fundación Romper Barreras‘, which help lots of people every day by providing technology for the promotion of autonomy and improvement of life’s quality of people with disabilities.

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Written by:

Joaquín Romero

Joaquín Romero, technical architect, founded BJ Adaptaciones and BJLive!  together with his brother Borja, technical engineer, with the aim of providing technology for the promotion of autonomy and improvement of life’s quality of people with disabilities.

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