ANDA opens a new multisensory room

  • 27 May 2019

ANDA (Almería Association for Children with Disabilities) is a private, non-profit association formed by the parents of children with different levels of intellectual and/or physical disabilities.
Since 2006, the association has offered advice, psychological support, resources and training to the families of children with disabilities in the province of Almería. The association, which also has the necessary space and resources to tend to these children and support their learning, has recently opened one of our SHX rooms on their premises to offer the children sensory stimulation on site.

Discovering new uses for the sensory room material. Using the convertible pouf to symbolize another object and boost self-awareness. Did you think it was only for positioning users?

Bibiana Escribano, occupational therapist and expert in psychomotricity, has trained the team at ANDA on the therapeutic uses and benefits of the new multisensory stimulation environment.

This new therapy space offers a wide range of possible activities that vary from learning and physical rehabilitation to leisure activities or developing every user’s skills and competencies.

Sensory environments provide a versatile, adaptable and safe space that suits the specific cognitive and physical abilities of each of its users. These rooms are immersive spaces that improve the user’s interaction with their immediate surroundings while allowing the professional to work on and build emotional, social and communicative skills, either individually or in groups.

If I were an inquisitive little girl who was exploring the room for the first time, which color would you choose to capture my attention and welcome me in? We know that warm colors have a stimulating effect, so, although every user is different, we could consider using an orange or red light in this case. The SHX system makes it easy to change all the lighting in the room and adapt it to the environments or themes we are working on. – Bibiana Escribano

Advantages of SHX multisensory rooms for the different users

Consult our specialized reports on the uses and advantages of SHX sensory rooms.

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More information

If you are interested in receiving additional information on SHX sensory spaces or would like to request a complimentary design of a project, do not hesitate to contact us.


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The team at Qinera

Qinera produces assistive technology for people with disabilities with the aim of improving their autonomy and life quality. Its human team includes: occupational therapists, special education teachers, speech therapists, engineers, IT developers and experts in assistive technology.

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