An early childhood sensory stimulation classroom

  • 11 April 2023

‘Maestras Solidarias’ is a group of teachers and educators, based in Spain, who organize humanitarian activities and projects. Committed to education, we often carry out innovative projects in the socio-educational field, within the Education Universe (‘Universo Educación’), to improve the quality of education. In the last months of 2022, we were working on a beautiful multisensory project: the ‘Sant Jordi Project’ with an early childhood group: the future of a new tomorrow.

The Sant Jordi Project

This project started on Sant Jordi’s Day (23rd April 2022) with the sale of 50 Magic Bags (including literature and a lot of magic). The sale of these bags allowed us to build a small initial budget to start with.

Our main objective was to create a sensory stimulation classroom in an early childhood education space for infants between 0 and 6 years old. We strongly believe that at this age children should have the opportunity to discover the world around them through their senses, and that is precisely what a multisensory classroom like the one we have created allows us to do: stimulate the senses of the little ones and give them the tools and resources so that they can explore the world around them through these senses.

“‘Universo Educación’ is what we refer to as the educational and socio-educational world. The projects we undertake are always linked to the educational and/or socio-educational environment, whether with groups of children or adults in nursery schools, primary or secondary schools, residences…” – Anna, Maestras Solidarias.

Creating a complete multisensory classroom from zero, with resources and materials to stimulate each and every one of the senses, was not an easy task. We had to research carefully, choosing materials that were really interesting for the sensory development of the youngest children. And then we did extensive research to find collaborators who could provide those materials at no cost.

Experimenting with lighting and darkness

From the very beginning it was clear to us that there had to be a space to be able to play with light and darkness, as lighting is an important learning resource at an early age. It allows children to develop their curiosity, promote imagination and encourage their capacity for wonder. The Qinera cube-cave fascinated us from the very first moment and we did not hesitate to contact them, as we were sure that it would be a success…

… and we were right. It is a fantastic den, because it not only allows you to experiment with light and darkness, play with shadows and reflections, but also to create a magical and cozy atmosphere that can be used as a refuge, a calming space, a reading corner… Moreover, several children can comfortably sit in it at the same time, and they have a great time going in and out and playing with the coloured lights. It’s a great environment for role play, science investigations and creative play with UV light, among other activities we can’t wait to try.

The project is now a reality

After months of work, on the 3rd of December 2022, we inaugurated the multisensory classroom, and we are very pleased with the result. It has become a very beautiful and welcoming classroom, full of quality sensory materials, where we are sure that young and old alike will be able to enjoy themselves and learn at the same time. As Dr. David Bueno, a well-known expert in educational neuroscience, invites us to reflect, “the only thing that can be learnt is that which tells you something, that which attracts your attention and generates emotion”. And that is what we have been building moment by moment: a magical space in which to feel, be moved and learn, now and in the future.

Free project design

Click on the banner below if you would like to know more about the benefits of the SHX System or you are interested in finding out what a sensory room adapted to your space, therapeutic objectives and users might look like. If you leave your contact details, one of our consultants will provide you with more specific information and, if you wish, can design a made-to-measure project for your own sensory room.

More information for a free project design

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